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Experience Profound States of Meditation Using EEG

EEG and Neural Entrainment can Induce any Desired Brainwave Frequency

DeepWave is a new custom product from Senseworld Industries that harnesses consumer grade EEG headsets and pulsing light and sound to control and sync brainwaves into desired frequency patterns. Using a Raspberry Pi to generate output, it puts the power of deep states of meditation within a price range available to home users, while also being more effective than traditional neurofeedback.

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Technology for Enlightenment

From Alpha wave relaxation to the more profound states of deep Theta and even waking Delta patterns, mental states previously only available to expert meditators and trained yogis can be accessed by anyone without the years of rigorous training previously required to achieve them.

Harness the Power of Entrainment

light pulse glassesJust by relaxing with the eyes closed, the DeepWave leads the brain into desired states by the process of entrainment. The brain has been shown by research to follow a pulsed stimulus in normal brainwave frequency ranges by trying to match the rate of stimulus. The DeepWave induces this reaction through the use of pulsed lights and binaural beats, while matching and displaying current brain activity in real-time.

Neurofeedback Puts You In Control Neurosky headset

Because the user is receiving feedback about current mental state via light and sound they are able to actively assist the process of entrainment and learn to control mental state at will. This is a major breakthrough in entrainment products which up until now have relied on purely passive responses and required many hours of practice to achieve desired frequencies.

Custom Solutions

Currently the DeepWave is a custom package that can be matched with many consumer grade EEG headsets, or can also be packaged with a headset to fit most budgets. Because each unit requires custom hardware and software configurations we ask that you contact Senseworld Industries directly to inquire about purchase.