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Software for Entrainment


Home EEG based neurofeedback and entrainment depends on software robust enough to capture raw voltages on the scalp and process them into usable information. While the software that ships with the Emotiv Epoc includes an SDK for software development, the basic functionality is missing. OpenVibe from Inria solves the processing problem with a fully-functioning open-source suite capable of interfacing with almost any device as well as reading recorded brainwave activity, or computer generated input. OpenVibe signal displayOpenVibe signal display

EEG Processing

What OpenVibe describes as the processing pipeline is controlled through an intuitive XML designer using boxes and algorithms that are pre-programmed and arranged via drag and drop on an XML document. All the included input, processing, output, and display modules are combinable into custom applications which DeepWave uses to calculate power increases in particular frequency ranges and displays via graphs and 2-dimensional activity map.

OpenVibe DesignerOpenVibe on DeepWave

Custom C++ Softwarelight stimulation glasses

The Raspberry Pi component of the DeepWave uses custom C++ programs to capture frequency data and generate light pulses and binaural beats. Data arrives at the Pi via a network connection and is processed into desired and current frequencies and output via light goggles and headphones. The Pi functionality depends on many C++ libraries including WiringPi and Linux Sockets. Because the DeepWave depends on these open source projects, all code will be freely available and shared on this website.

Custom Solutions

Currently the DeepWave is a custom package that can be matched with many consumer grade EEG headsets, or can also be packaged with a headset to fit most budgets. Because each unit requires custom hardware and software configurations we ask that you contact Senseworld Industries directly to inquire about purchase.