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EEG Headsets for the Home User


The DeepWave was inspired by the creation of an open source brain computer interface by the OpenBCI project. Orginally funded by kickstarter, the team has been able to develop a commercial product, although they can only deliver orders intermittentently. The OpenBCI does look promising for researchers, but may be cost-prohibitive for home hobbyists.

Emotiv Epoc

Emotiv Epoc

The DeepWave project in its first implemetation is based upon the Emotiv Epoc. A 14-channel wet-electrode wireless headset, the Epoc produces decent signals and is fully supported by OpenVibe software. One limitation of the Epoc is is licensing structure, which requires a $400 add on firmware in order to capture raw EEG. This unfortunate situation coupled with poor software and atrocious customer support makes us hesitant to recommend the Epoc for a home user, but researchers and programmers may find it is a great solution.

Neurosky MindwaveMindWave

The MindWave from Neurosky is the most affordable and most convenient of any headset on the list. It also has fewer electrodes, so may have limited functionality for anything beyond neurofeedback based on averaged brain activity. At $99 for the starter kit, this appears to be a very good introduction to brain wave experimentation and future builds of DeepWave will most likely be based on this headset.

Custom Solutions

Currently the DeepWave is a custom package that can be matched with many consumer grade EEG headsets, or can also be packaged with a headset to fit most budgets. Because each unit requires custom hardware and software configurations we ask that you contact Senseworld Industries directly to inquire about purchase.