Phaeolus schweinitzii

Phaeolus schweinitzii

Dyer’s Polypore Also known as velvet-top fungus, or dyer’s mazegill. Fruting Body Color: Orange or yellowish when young. Rusty brown center when mature. Fruiting Body Morphology: Fan-shaped or circular, layered. Covered in felty hairs. Soft and spongy. Fruiting Body Size: To 12″(30cm). Underside Color: Yellow to greenish yellow. Stem: To 2.33″(6cm) when present. Spore Print: Read More

Gyromitra infula

Gyromitra infula

Hooded False Morel Also known as elfin saddle. Cap Color: Reddish-brown occasionally with blackish-brown spots. Cap Size: To 6″(15cm) Cap Shape: Saddle-shaped with points high above the rest of the cap at maturity. Cap Texture: Thin and brittle, smooth or wrinkled. Margin: Free. Stem Color: White to reddish-brown, lighter than cap. Stem Size: To 4.75″(12cm) Read More

Hygrophoropsis aurantica

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca

False Chanterelle Cap Color: Yellow–orange to orange-brown. Cap Size: To 5.5″(14cm). Cap Shape: Convex to slightly depressed center, margin usually inrolled. Cap Texture: Felty. Gill Color: Similar to cap. Gill Morphology: Crowded, narrow, and often forked, gills run partway down the otherwise smooth stem. Stem Color: Similar to cap. Spore Print: White or cream colored. Read More

Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Poison Pie Also known as Fairy Cakes. Cap Color: Whitish, dirty buff, or pale tan often with a somewhat darker central area. The species gets its name from its resemblance to a pie crust. Cap Texture: Slimy when fresh, smooth. Cap Shape: Bell-shaped to flat. Cap Size: To 4.33″(11cm). Gill Color: Pale maturing to brownish. Read More


Tricholoma flavovirens

Man On Horseback Also known as Tricholoma equestre and Yellow Knight. Cap Color: Yellow when young, aging to reddish-brown with a yellowish edge. Cap Texture: Smooth, sticky when moist, does not have black fibrils. Cap Size: To 8″(20cm). Cap Shape: Broadly convex to nearly flat. Gill Color: Pale to bright yellow. Gill Morphology: Crowded, attached Read More


Stropharia hornemannii

Lacerated Stropharia Also known as Stropharia depilata and Luxuriant Ringstalk. Cap Color: Grayish-purple to reddish-brown or brown. Cap Texture: Slimy. Cap Size: To 6″(15cm). Margin: Often has partial remnants of veil. Gills: Pale gray at first, later purplish gray to purple-black. Attached or pulling away from stem. Stem Color: White. Stem Texture: Smooth above ring, Read More


Stropharia aeruginosa

Blue-green Stropharia Also known as Verdigris Agaric and Verdigris Roundhead. Cap Color: Striking green or blue-green when young with a sprinkling of white veil remnants, this mushroom loses its vivid color as it ages becoming an ochre yellow. Cap Shape: Convex or bell-shaped with or without an umbonate knob to nearly flat. Cap Texture: Slimy. Read More


Hypholoma fasciculare

Sulphur Tuft Also known as the Clustered Woodlover. Cap Color: When young, tawny reddish brown or orange, but becoming bright yellow to greenish yellow or golden yellow, with a darker center. Cap Shape: Convex, becoming broadly convex or nearly flat. Cap Texture: Dry. Gills: Crowded, initially yellow but darken to green. Eventually dusted with dark Read More