Laccaria amethysto-occidentalis

Western Amethyst Laccaria Cap Color: Dark purple, purple, fading to brownish purple or buff. Cap Shape: Broadly convex to flat. Cap Size: to 3.25″(8cm). Gill Color: Purple fading to dull lilac or grayish purple. Gill Morphology: Unattached. Widely-spaced. Stem Color: Purple-violet. Stalk Texture: Finely striated or grooved. Stalk Size: To 4″(10cm) Spore Print: White or Read More


Lichenomphalia umbellifera

Lichen Agaric Cap Color: Cinnamon to brownish, yellowish in age. Cap Size: To 1.33″(3.5cm). Cap Texture: Dry, glabrous. Stem Color: Brown near cap, whitish tomentum at base. Stem Size: To 1.1″(3cm). Gills: Yellowish, running down stem, distantly spaced. Spore Print: White or yellow. Season depends on climate. Spring and Fall on Pacific Coast. Habitat: On Read More

Cortinareus semisanguineus

Cortinarius semisanguineus

Red-gilled Cortinarius Also known as Surprise Webcap and Red-gilled Webcap. Cap Color: Pale brown to ochre. Cap Size: To 3″(8cm). Cap Shape: Bell-shaped, convex to flat or umbonate. Cap Texture: Dry and fibrillose. Gills: Bright Red. Gill Morphology: Attached, crowded. Stem Color: Yellow, sometimes with pinkish tomentum at base. Spore Print: Rusty brown. Season: July Read More

Hygrophoropsis aurantica

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca

False Chanterelle Cap Color: Yellow–orange to orange-brown. Cap Size: To 5.5″(14cm). Cap Shape: Convex to slightly depressed center, margin usually inrolled. Cap Texture: Felty. Gill Color: Similar to cap. Gill Morphology: Crowded, narrow, and often forked, gills run partway down the otherwise smooth stem. Stem Color: Similar to cap. Spore Print: White or cream colored. Read More


Ampulloclitocybe clavipes

Club-foot Cap Color: Brownish. Cap Size: To 4″(10cm). Cap Shape: Flat to funnel-shaped. Cap Texture: Smooth, occasionally rugged or hairy at center. Gill Color: White or creamy. Gill Morphology: Close to nearly distant, running down stem. Flesh Color: Whitish. Stem Size: To 2.75″(7cm). Stem Color: Buff or pale brownish. Stem Morphology: Often bulbous at the Read More


Leucopaxillus albissimus

Large White Leucopaxillus Cap Color: Very white aging to buff, pinkish, pale brownish, or pale tan. Cap Size: To 16″(40cm). Cap Shape: Convex with an inrolled margin when young, maturing to broadly convex, flat, or shallowly depressed. Cap Texture: Dry smooth or very finely velvety. Gill Color: White to yellowish. Gill Morphology: Crowded and narrow, Read More

Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Poison Pie Also known as Fairy Cakes. Cap Color: Whitish, dirty buff, or pale tan often with a somewhat darker central area. The species gets its name from its resemblance to a pie crust. Cap Texture: Slimy when fresh, smooth. Cap Shape: Bell-shaped to flat. Cap Size: To 4.33″(11cm). Gill Color: Pale maturing to brownish. Read More


Coprinopsis atramentaria

Alcohol Inky Also known as Inky Cap, Tippler’s Bane, Common Inkcap, formerly Coprinus atramentarius. Cap Color: Lead gray, grayish, or gray-brown. Cap Size: To 3.25″(8cm). Cap Shape: Bell-shaped. Cap Texture: Generally smooth, though finely scaly to slightly scruffy over the center and faintly grooved and lined. Gill Color: White to lavender when young, black at Read More


Strobilurus trullisatus

Fircone Cap Also known as Strobilurus kemptonae, Gymnopus trullisatus, Douglas Fir Collybia, and Collybia trulisata. Representative of the Strobilurus genus, that all grow on cones. Cap Color: Pallid brown at the disc shading to a pale pinkish. Cap Shape: Convex to flat, sometimes with a depressed center when aged. Cap Size: To 0.6″(1.5cm). Flesh Texture: Read More

Cortinarius cinnamomeus

Cortinarius cinnamomeus

Cinnamon Webcap Also known as Cinnamon Webcap. Cap Color: Vivid yellow ochre to yellow or copper olivaceous, maturing to brownish olive or light olive, often with a saffron tint at the margin. Cap Shape: Somewhat spherical when young, maturing to broadly convex, often with an umbonate knobby top. Cap Size: To 2.33″(6cm). Flesh: Thin and Read More