Sarcodon imbricatus

Shingled Hedgehog

Sarcodon imbricatus Photo Credit: Jerzy Opiola at Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA
Also known as Sarcodon imbricatum, Hydnum imbricatum, hawk wing, scaly hedgehog, and scaly tooth. Cap Color: Brown to reddish-brown. Cap Shape: Convex to Flat, irregular border. Cap Texture: Covered with upturned scales resembling the feathers of a hawk’s wing. Cap Size: 1-8″(20cm) Spines: Gray to brown, soft and brittle. Stem Color: Brown. Stem Texture: Smooth. Stem Size: to 3.25″(8cm) Spore Print: Brown. Season: June to October. Habitat: Ground. Range: North America.
Edibility: Edible inferior. This mushroom can be fairly easy to identify by its large scaly cap and the absence of greenish stains on the stem base.